I started doing a series of photos like this a few months ago and a friend kept bugging me to create a blog and put them up online. So here they are.

These are photos of my cat Squeak (who is gorgeous and cuddly, but a brat extraordinaire; everything has to be on his terms or he’ll try to take a chunk out of your finger), and his older “brother” Wizard (who is the best cat on the planet – his only vice is an undying desire to slip out the door when I am coming in with an armload of groceries or something).

I also have a very large dog, Sammie, who, although she is clearly not a cat, might actually show up in some of these photos sometimes.

This pix are all taken with my iPhone 3GS camera. WordPress tends to distort them (squish then horizontally). I have to figure out how to make it not do that…